Agile5 Summer Internship Program Continues Growth in 2017

Summer interns in the joint Leidos-Agile5 program worked in the Mollohan Innovation Center building in Fairmont, WV, in 2017. David Smithbauer (far right) of Agile5 organized and led the internship program.

Agile5 Technologies, Inc., in conjunction with partner Leidos, conducted a successful summer internship program in software development for 14 local participants this summer.

Agile5 Principal Software Engineer David Smithbauer organized the internship program and mentored the team of interns, who worked for the summer in the Alan B. Mollohan Innovation Center in Fairmont, West Virginia (WV). The interns were treated to a summer seminar series led by experts in the field and were introduced to agile software development.

The internship program serves as a win-win for area students and Agile5, as the interns gain valuable hands-on experience, while the company forms relationships with prospective future full-time employees.

“The summer internship has taught me how the real world operates,” said Robert Phillips, a computer engineering major at West Virginia University (WVU) in Morgantown, WV. “Learning how to set and meet reachable goals from start to finish is something I value very highly. I also got a better feel for what working with a team is like.”

The program also furthers Agile5’s commitment to recruiting and retaining talent in the state of West Virginia. Local students studying at WVU, Fairmont State University, and the University of Pittsburgh participated in the 2017 summer internship.

Under Smithbauer’s leadership, the internship program has grown from one Agile5 intern in 2015 to the success it is today.